Business Consulting

All businesses experience an especially important lifecycle if they are in business for any length of time. There are anywhere from 5 to 7 stages that a business can conceivably go through during this life cycle. These stages include:

Seed and Development – When the business is a thought or idea.

Startup – The business exists in legal terms. Products and services are available, and you have new customers.

Growth – Marketing strategies and sales have made an impact on the business.


Expansion – New periods of growth into new markets. Look for opportunities to gain a stronger market share.


Maturity – The business has reached its highest peak as it is and will require aggressive strategies to stay afloat.


Decline – All things financial have decreased and acceptance of failure to extend the business life cycle by not adapting to the changing business environment.


Exit – It’s inevitable that the business will not bounce back to its earlier stage of growth. This is the opportunity for the owner to cash-out on their years of hard work.

Where is your business in the cycle?

Whatever your business’ place in the cycle, special attention will be required to take the business to the next level of success based on your vision, implementing key strategies, and knowing when to make those changes will require accurate reporting from key departments in your business.

As a business consultant, reviewing specific parts of the business to address strategic goals will assist in planning for next-level challenges and processes.


Pre-Grant Consultation & Grant Writing

In the Company of Peacocks now offers pre-grant consultations to new and continuing clients who need extra support in preparing for writing many grants and proposals. We’re excited about these services and know that companies will benefit greatly from the pre-grant consultations that we can now offer to a variety of agencies.
We started the pre-grant services based on the need for more organizations to minimize their mistakes in preparing grants and increase success in obtaining more grants that assist them in achieving important community programs and services.

Many agency professionals are remarkably busy with the day-to-day operations of the agency, so much so that it makes it difficult to stay in-tune with grant writing tasks for their agencies. That is why it is best to use a professional who is skilled in not only writing grants, but working with a professional who can specifically address the needs for your organization, but who is also aware of the standards required in grant writing. There are basic considerations that you must meet before you can be successful in obtaining a grant from granting organizations.

So why not put your grant planning and writing in the hands of the professionals to ensure that you meet the qualifications of the grant before starting to write, that you have the necessary documentation in-house that each grant maker will need from your organization and that the goals outlined in your grants are achievable for your agency.

For more information contact In the Company of Peacocks, Ms. Beverly J. Ray, MBA to discuss the Company’s needs. Ms. Ray is an author, a certified grant writer and instructor. She owns and operates, In the Company of Peacocks, a company that helps want-to-be writers and other business owners to achieve success.


In-Person Writing Courses

Attention all wanna be, hoping to be and soon to be authors. Classes are available to you at minimal costs that help you improve on your writing skills and increase your opportunity to become a published author. From these classes you will find resources to advance your writing career, learn tips and tricks of the trade and finally publish that book.
Writers will come to many intersections on their journey to becoming a published author. These intersections can include feelings of doubt, feelings of inadequacies, competition anxiety, unbalanced life, procrastination and even writer’s block causing us to lose focus and put the writing project down for long periods of time, even years. But in this course we will address the issues that cause us to be stuck in our quest to become a published author.

This course brings you up close and personal with what it’s going to take to write a book and get it published. It’s writing basics, but with writing activities and discussions to keep you motivated to continue on the journey, even with its forks in the road, twists and turns. There are no promises of; after taking this course that you will be able to write a book in 30, 60 or even 90 days, and there are no astronomical costs for you to absorb to get information, but you will learn new skills and be able to access resources that help you along your writing journey. It’s easier than you think with guided assistance.

Course topics will include, Getting past “Yourself” when writing; Outlining your story; Characters – Antagonist/Protagonist; Everyday Writing; Revisiting your draft; Tell me about your book; Marketing your book; Writing Resources and Publishing Options.