Take a Staycation This Summer

Most of us, look forward to having great summer vacations so you can unwind, relax, and recharge from those rigorous schedules we workevery year. But with the soaring costs of gasoline, cancellation of flights, and rising costs on everything else, it makes it difficult to take a regular summer vacation. But, as you are trying to plan for that special time away without having to “break the bank” consider a staycation this summer.

What’s a Stay-ca-tion?[ stey-key-shuhn ]

A staycation is simply a vacation that you spend at home ornear home, doing enjoyable activities or visiting local attractions.A staycation can include from the simplest to the most elaborate ventures. It is best to consider what makes the most sense for you and your family, budget, and the timing of the staycation.

Camping at a local recreation park for three or four days, may be just what you need for the family staycation. This is the opportune time to teach children to enjoy the great outdoors and create life-long memories. There are hundredths of activities awaiting you during this trip. Fishing, hiking, treasure hunting andcounting stars at night are quite popular.

Visitinga nearby city for the weekend may also appeal to you.Choose a city in you state that you have been wanting to visit. Find the local office of tourism and scout out the sites you most want to see and proceed from there. Who knows, this citymay become your go-to city in the future for a short staycation.

Why not experience the new hotel that recently opened near your family members? This would be a wonderful opportunity to spend time with family hadn’t seen for a while and enjoying hotel amenities at the same time. Invite family to the hotel to enjoy breakfast and relaxing by the pool or a massage at the spa. The key here is spending time with family.

Try that 5-Star resort you have secretly been saving forbut have yet to schedule. This resort has all the amenities you want to experience plus a half-dozen newservices added to the menusince you started saving for the trip. You,may be inspired, bythe golf lessons, couples’ therapeutic massages, fine dining, nutritional consultations,or makeovers at this resort,but whatever amenity got you saving for this treat, follow it. Now is the time to splurge on your staycation.

Let’s not forget about spending that staycation at home. Make sure you have stocked up with meals and beverages or plan for a delivery service to bring your meals daily. This will keep you from having to leave home if you run out of your favorite breakfast cereal, salad mix or seafood. Or, you may want to have dinner at a local restaurant during your Staycation if you want to get out of the house for a brief time. Make sure you leave an “on vacation” message on your phones, so friends and family won’t worry. After you check that off your to-do list, turn your phones off!

There aremore options to consider on the perfect staycation for you and family. With a little research and planning youcan find the best options for you to consider. Choose which staycation makes the most sense, meets your budget, and is readily available.

No matter your choice, let your staycation begin.


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