Write your way to a successful Career

While at a recent book signing in Peoria, Arizona I was asked, what is the key factor that influenced you to start your writing career?

I gasped, looked at the customer as if she knew I had a secret I was hiding, and quickly began to stumble over my words while at the same time searching my brain to try and figure out what she was really asking me. That helped me to bide my time so I could create a really great answer that would make my response sound really exciting or do I just give her the plain unadulterated truth, I thought. I did not even take the time to say that’s a really great question, the wheels in my brain just started to turn really fast, I could feel smoke spewing from every orifice she could see, and even those she couldn’t.

“I apologize for the gasp, but you really caught me off guard. What I really should have said is, that is a really great question, what made you ask it of me?”

She began her response by saying, “You look so natural in this role of signing books, being very particular about even the ink pen you chose to use. Even your signature says it. It is bold with fun loops and curly-q’s and when you sign your full name its as though it has been condensed into one name. So, I would imagine that when you sit down to write, it is natural for you as well. Your inner creativity always shows up on the outside.”

“You are very perceptive, you “read” me well. I don’t believe I look at my own self that closely, but I do know what I want to look like. I would say It’s just the way I am. Naturally. But back to your question.”

”I don’t know that I can sum it up with one factor, two or three factors may be more like it. One, I had already began writing my first book while I was at work, during lunch time of course. I smiled and winked at her about that last statement. She smiled back, and added a quick nod, signifying that she knew what I was implying. Two, I knew I was ready for a change, career-wise. The workplace was in turmoil. The idea of teambuilding and working together to achieve a common goal was long gone. My friends in the workforce I spoke to confirmed that thought as well. And three, it was time for me to work for myself, entrepreneurship is what I’m looking for. All types of writing included.”

“You look like you have really thought this out. You set out to write and publish books and here you are today signing those very books, smiling.”

“Yes, I’m smiling because I get to do something that I have always dreamed of doing for as far back as I can remember. I don’t plan to stop at just being a writer, but I want to be able to help others draft their books and teach writing classes too.”

“Oh, like a coach she asked?”
“Yes, like a coach, I repeated.”
“Sign me up, she said, and I’ll take one of your books too!”
“ What was your name again?
“Sam, now it’s my turn to ask you. What is the key factor that influenced you to start your writing career?”


Beverly J Ray

Beverly J Ray is an author, freelance writer, instructor and writing coach. She is also an avid traveler and a writer of travel adventures. She has combined her loves of travel and writing to share with readers the benefits of ‘getting away” even if only through a story. Beverly currently resides in Arizona with her family.


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